Khula Pakistan Family Law For Dissolution of Marriage

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Khula in Pakistan – Khula Procedure in Pakistan:

The khula in Pakistan is the First step to End Your Marriage Relationship. Here u need to Follow the Khula Pakistani Law & Khula Pakistan Family law to solve your Suit of Khula in Pakistan From the Family Court. The Khula Procedure in Pakistan & Khula Process in Pakistan is Very simple & not Same in the Every Case.


Khula (Urdu: خلاص‎, pronounced [ɦəlːɑː]), also called talaq-e-bid‘ah, is a divorce in the Sharia legal system whereby a Muslim woman can obtain divorce from her husband if she gives up her financial rights. A husband can give talaq to his wife without resorting to courts or arbitration bodies.[1]

Divorce in Muslim Law:

Khula is the procedure of divorce in Muslim law, most notably in Pakistan and India. * Khula is a divorce initiated by the wife which can be granted when the husband was impotent at the time of marriage or has been sentenced to imprisonment for more than three years due to a criminal offence.

File the Suit of Khula:

Khula case is a method in which the wife can file a case under the Pakistan Family Law. She can make a demand to dissolve her marriage in order to get freedom from her husband. In this procedure, she will apply for dissolution of marriage and has to take permission from the court about her decision to leave her husband.

Divorce Process in Pakistan:

Khula is the Urdu word for divorce and the divorce process in Pakistan is known as khula. In Urdu, khula means “the right to be divorced”.

Legal Consultation in Pakistan:

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Meaning of Khula:

Khula in Urdu and Arabic means separation or divorce. The concept of khula is present in the Islamic law and it is a procedure for which a Muslim wife may obtain a divorce from her husband if she does not agree to live with him.

Khula Procedure For Dissolution of Marriage:

The Khula procedure for dissolution of marriage in Pakistan is quite simple. In order to dissolve a marriage there are two ways through which a couple can get divorce from each other, one is khula and another one is Talaq.

Azad Law Associate:

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Islamic Sharia law:

Khula is a very unique procedure given by Islamic Sharia law. In the absence of any sufficient evidence of the woman’s guilt, it is permissible for the husband to end his marriage simply by saying “I divorce you” three times, after which there will be no further responsibility on him towards her. Here Follow the Khula Pakistani Law & Khula Pakistan Family law to Solve Your Khula Case From the Family Court. The Khula Procedure & Process in Pakistan is Very Simple & Easy.

End Your Marriage By Khula Process in Pakistan:

Khula is a simple and easy process to end your marriage. If you and your spouse mutually agree on the matter, then there is no need to wait for court orders or go through complicated legal procedures. Just download our App, fill in the details of both husband & wife and send us your request via email. Our panel will get back to you within 24 hours with reasonable solutions based on Islamic Shariah.