Kentucky attorney general will have armed security after ‘serious, credible threats’ to him and his family

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The Government Contract Review Committee approved the attorney general’s request for security after he received “several serious, credible threats to the Attorney General’s health, welfare, and, safety,” according to documents.

The contract is in retroactive from August 26 to December 31, 2020, and was approved up to $300,000.

“Our office has received detailed threats against the Attorney General, his wife, and members of his family,” Cameron’s office told CNN in a statement. “The Attorney General’s protective detail determined that given the credibility of such threats, additional personnel and resources were needed to provide the appropriate level of security.”

The Department of Criminal Investigations deemed the threats credible and attempted to provide security through other means, according to a memorandum sent by the attorney general’s office.

Officials requested help from the Kentucky State Police, local police departments and the main security vendor security, but due to several issues was unable to secure an agreement.

Cameron, who led the investigation into the raid of Breonna Taylor’s apartment in March, received backlash after announcing September 23 there would be no charges directly related to her death. He has since released grand jury recordings in an attempt to provide transparency with the process but attorneys for Taylor’s family have called for a new prosecutor.

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