Kemi resident set his pit bull against a disabled dog from a shelter

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Outrageous cruelty – this is how an incident that took place a few days ago in Kemi, in the public shelter “Paws, ears and tail”, can be described.


A drunken local resident with his pit bull came to the shelter and set the dog on a disabled dog living in a booth on the shelter. The man recorded the monstrous reprisal on video. At the end of the video, you can see how he approached the frightened animal and asked when the one-eyed dog would die (editor’s note – there is no desire to quote the words of the flayer literally). Fortunately, the dog survived. When the shelter staff learned about the incident and arrived at the scene to help their pet, the man had already left.

By the way, according to local residents, the man first posted the video on his page, and then deleted it. And to everyone who tried to contact the owner of the pit bull in order to ask about what happened and express his attitude to his act, he stated, again – according to the Kemlyans, that his page was hacked and he was not involved in what happened. However, the video has already hit the public “Public control in Kem”, and was also published on the page of the shelter.

The shelter employees have already contacted the police on the fact of cruelty to the animal. At the same time, many ask the question – how did it happen that an inadequate person was able to enter the shelter and harm one of the pets?

Freedom-loving Jasper

We managed to contact the son of the owner of the shelter, Dmitry, who explained that the disabled dog named Jasper had been living in the shelter for only a few months. The former owners gave him to the orphanage. A dog’s eye injury from birth.

After the reprisal, a veterinarian was called in to the dog – multiple hematomas were found on the animal’s body. Also, the specialist found that Jasper is under stress.

Another important circumstance has also emerged: in fact, all pets in the shelter live in two pens. There is a separate closed room where puppies live, next to there is free space and a fence so that they can walk freely. The area where adult dogs live is also fenced off; pet booths are still being built. Jasper, of all the animals living in the shelter, turned out to be the most freedom-loving. He did not like life with fellow misfortunes: he did not like the dog either in the pen or in the aviary. But the usual life in a booth on a chain was just right. Here, the dog has its own territory, which he can protect.

In general, brave and freedom-loving Jasper, like, in fact, other inhabitants of the shelter, looking for a loving owner

On naked enthusiasm

The Kemsky local public organization for the protection of animals “Paws, ears, tail” appeared in November 2019. Svetlana Lazareva, a caring resident of Kem, decided to give a second chance to animals that for one reason or another have lost their homes.

There are only two employees in the shelter: Svetlana herself and her son. Volunteers are a great help to the shelter residents. However, all 40 pets are fed, vaccinated, spayed or neutered. All thanks to donations from local residents.

At the present time, the issue of fencing the entire territory of the shelter has again become acute. Previously, they tried to collect the required amount, but to no avail. You can find out how to help the shelter here.

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