Kefir at night, health risks and other problems: how is it related?

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The habit of drinking kefir before bedtime is considered healthy and is strongly encouraged in society. However, experts do not see anything good in it, and for good reason.

According to nutritionist Alena Stepanova, eating any food at night, including kefir, is dangerous, as it provokes the development of diabetes. Her words are conveyed by MedicForum.

The expert recommends eating the last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime. Eating before a night’s rest is not good.

– The body should purify itself at night, not digest. Digestion slows down at night. Very often in the morning with such people [ужинающих перед сном – прим. авт.]you can detect a smell from the mouth, because the food is in the stomach, begins to rot, ferment, – emphasizes Alena Stepanova.

The doctor notes that the habit of drinking kefir before bedtime is often observed in people who are obese or halitosis. Excess weight, in turn, is often one of the factors in the development of diabetes mellitus.

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