Karelian sappers accidentally discovered the remains of a Red Army soldier in the Pitkyaranta region

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Karelian sappers destroyed 49 explosive items from the Second World War, seized in several districts of the republic: Pitkyaranta, Olonets and Lakhdenpohsky districts. This was reported by the State Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan for ensuring the life and safety of the population.

However, in the Pitkyaranta region, the demining group of the Petrozavodsk KRPSS detachment was waiting for a “find” more serious than ammunition. Rescuers, at the request of the search engines, carried out work to seize explosives during the war, but sappers found the remains of a Soviet warrior 15 kilometers from the Cross of Sorrow. The remains of two more fighters were previously found by representatives of the search detachment, who were excavating in the area. The belongings of the dead Red Army soldiers were sent for examination, which can help establish their identity.

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