Kamala Harris running mate: Joe Biden plays the trap

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After making the suspense last a little longer than expected, Joe Biden finally announced that Kamala Harris would accompany him on the Democratic ticket.

Of all the candidates considered, the Senator from California is the one with the most reassuring profile in the current context. Time and time again, I have highlighted his many qualities and skills. At 55, she represents a new generation, an interesting compromise between the more progressive elements of the political formation and the Democrats closer to the center.

Biden’s former rival during the primaries also has a good track record and enough experience to cheer up voters who question the health of the Democratic candidate. Her past as Attorney General of California and her numerous appearances in the Senate have shown that she will be difficult to shake in a possible debate against Mike Pence.

If it seems that Kamala Harris was able to convince Joe Biden that she would be loyal to him and that she helped fill the coffers of the campaign in California, the fact remains that she is a rather obvious choice and careful.

Since he officially became the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden has led a wise campaign, he has played a defensive game. Most of the time confined to his basement, he tries to avoid missteps and prefers to let Donald Trump get tangled in his brushes. Obviously, he and his team are happy with the polls which have shown for the past few weeks that we could very well hope for more than a victory in the usual pivotal states.

Democratic strategists will know how to skillfully exploit a candidacy that is already historic. Kamala Harris is only the third woman whose name appears on a presidential ticket, after those of Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and Sarah Palin in 2008. She becomes the first black woman, but also the first woman with Indian origins. It will be argued with good reason that Biden kept his promises and that he was not afraid to join a strong and ambitious candidate.

However, it must be recognized that the choice of Kamala Harris was quite agreed. If one tried to create a diversion or to test a few test balloons here and there, few observers are surprised by the identity of the running mate. This selection involves little risk. It shows that Biden is hopeful of winning and that he only wants to preserve his achievements.

Far from surprising, the choice of Kamala Harris finally indicates that the Democratic candidate is already thinking about what he will do once elected. He has just reassured many observers and he will be able to count on the collaboration of a gifted woman who will be able to slowly begin preparation for the 2024 presidential election.

For a rare time, Democrats are presenting a united front, with their desire to overthrow Trump relegating their usual bickering to the background. If they stick together and avoid mistakes, one can however wonder about the risks of such a prudent strategy on the whole. While attacking is not always the best defense and you can sometimes force your opponent’s mistakes, you have to make sure you score enough goals.

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