Kaluga residents are asked to pay attention to the problem of storks

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Representatives of the Phoenix Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Kaluga ask residents to pay attention to storks. The situation with this bird, both in the Kaluga region and in neighboring regions, is difficult, writes on Tuesday, August 11, the telegram channel “Kaluga Dreamer”

“We are trying to follow the“ atrocious ”situation in Kaluga. Today, for example, the famous biologist and owner of the center for the rehabilitation of wild animals Veronika Matyushina told that storks are doing badly in the Kaluga region and in the neighboring regions,” writes the Telegram channel.

These birds are experiencing “feed” problems this year, and are also poisoned by low-quality chemicals used in the fields. As a result, the young birds of this year turned out to be very weak.

Matyushina herself asks to take a closer look at the grown stork chicks.

“When you see that the storks are weak and inactive, report to the Phoenix Rehabilitation Center. It will be able to shelter the weakest of today’s offspring for the winter. Otherwise, young storks will simply die,” Matyushina is quoted as saying by “Kaluga Dreamer”.

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