Kalmyk doctors saved a teenager from leg amputation

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Two weeks ago, on a road in the Yashkul region, a 14-year-old teenager was driving with his father on a motorcycle, which was hit at speed by a car from behind.

As a result of the accident, the boy badly injured his leg. He was taken to the regional hospital, and later hospitalized in the republican children’s medical center named after. V.D. Mandzhieva.

According to the press service of the Republican hospital named after P.P. Zhemchuev, doctors diagnosed an open fracture of the tibia and fibula of the left tibia, complete avulsion of the anterior tibial artery, veins in the middle third of the lower leg, damage to the sural nerve and multiple concomitant diagnoses.

“When the patient was admitted, we seriously thought about amputation. It’s scary to remember: apparently, the leg was twisted with a wheel, the skin burst almost from the knee to the foot, – says the vascular surgeon of the hospital Dmitry Borisov. – I had to carry out plastic surgery of the anterior tibial artery with an autovenous transplant.

This is technically very difficult to accomplish. It was necessary to suture an artery, one end of which has a diameter of two millimeters, the other three. And not just connect, but restore circulation.

Now we can say with confidence that the worst is over, we managed to save the leg, and nothing threatens the child’s life. “

According to doctors, it is very difficult to recover completely with such a diagnosis. However, in children, regeneration (healing) occurs several times faster than in adults.

Sensitivity has already begun to recover, so the chances are great. In any case, no expensive prosthesis can replace your own limb.

The operation was attended by traumatologists of the republican children’s medical center Andrei Chimeev, Elvek Churyumov, anesthesiologist Alexander Khartsyzov, nurses Aisana Lidzhieva and Lyudmila Sasykova. The doctors fought for about five hours to save the boy’s life and save his leg.

“This is a painstaking well-coordinated work of the ambulance, doctors of the district and two republican hospitals,” said the head of the trauma department of the Russian Children’s Medical Center. V.D. Mandzhieva Andrey Chimeev. – All worked quickly, so today’s result can be considered successful.

In recent years, this is probably one of the most difficult cases. Now the child is in the center, he has an Ilizarov apparatus installed.

Of course, there are still months of treatment and a rehabilitation period ahead. But we promised the patient that he would also dance the Kalmyk Ishkimdyk. “

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