Journalists caught Trunov’s lawyer of lying in child trafficking case

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Journalists caught the lie of the lawyer Igor Trunov, who represents the interests of the accused in the child trafficking case.

On the eve of Trunov, in an interview with the REN TV channel, said that the Investigative Committee intends to arrest men who used the services of surrogate mothers. He noted that the law does not regulate the situation when a single father is in this system.

“There were several court decisions that it was discrimination. There are a large number of court decisions when these men go to court, they say why a woman is single in the law, but a man is not. The court says yes, on the basis of the Constitution, but the investigation believes that these decisions are illegal, ”the lawyer said.

However, today, when Trunov was asked a clarifying question about the arrests, the defender said that he did not know, and learned this information from the media.

“I don’t know, this is a question for the UK what they will do. TASS refers to some sources in the Investigative Committee, which were explained to them, well, I can’t say what the Investigative Committee will do, ”Trunov said.

Earlier, the TASS agency, citing a source, reported that as part of the investigation of the child trafficking case, the investigators intend to detain and petition for the arrest of men who used the services of surrogacy.

They may be charged with buying children. Completion of the investigation of the criminal case is planned by the end of the year.

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