Johnson Raises Concern over Brazilian COVID-19 Strain

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that authorities are concerned about the discovery of a new COVID-19 strain in different countries of the world in people who have arrived from Brazil. He announced this on Wednesday, January 13.

“We are concerned about news of a new, Brazilian version of the coronavirus. We have already taken tough measures to protect the country from new infections that come to us from abroad. We will act in the same way with respect to the Brazilian option. I must admit that while we still have many questions regarding this variety, ”Johnson quoted TASS as saying.

However, he did not specify exactly what measures were taken to protect the UK from the “Brazilian” strain of coronavirus.

Earlier, on January 10, in Japan, four travelers from Brazil were infected with a new strain of COVID-19. It is noted that the new variant differs from those found in the UK and South Africa.

As of January 6, the “British” strain of coronavirus was detected in 41 countries of the world.

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