Johnson pledges to equip the British Army with laser weapons

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, speaking in parliament, promised to develop laser weapons for the Armed Forces of the state. It is reported on Thursday, November 19, by The Independent.

He noted that replacing traditional weapons with energy weapons will help solve the problem of running out of ammunition, and that lasers are “technologies that are revolutionizing war.”

“Our warships and combat vehicles will have energy weapons that destroy targets with inexhaustible lasers. For them, the phrase “out of ammunition” will become superfluous, “Johnson said.

He stressed that his defense modernization package “will end the era of retreat” and enhance the capabilities of the British military. At the same time, such transformations will require £ 16.5 billion (about 1.66 trillion rubles).

In turn, the leader of the Labor Party, Sir Cyrus Starmer, supported Johnson’s initiative.

“We welcome this additional funding for our defense forces. And we agree that it is vital to end what the prime minister has called, I would say, a complete lack of self-awareness, an era of retreat, ”Starmer said.

In September, British military intelligence warned that Russia’s Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile could remain in the air for virtually unlimited time and strike from unexpected directions around the world.

In August, it became known that the British Department of Defense is considering the possibility of completely abandoning tanks as part of a program to modernize the armed forces.

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