Izvestia journalists sent to the border of Russia and Belarus

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Elnar Bainazarov, Ruslan Smykov and Alfred Oya, arrested at the protests in Minsk on Thursday, August 27, and later released to the border of Russia and Belarus, were sent to the border of Russia and Belarus.

“Approximately at 11:15 we will be at the Krasnaya Gorka checkpoint, then in Smolensk, from where we will go to Moscow,” Baynazarov said.

Earlier, the Izvestia correspondent reported that the authorities allowed them to spend one night in Minsk.

Mass detentions of journalists began on the evening of August 27 at Freedom Square in Minsk before another protest rally. About 20 journalists were taken to paddy wagons without explanation. Smykov, Oya and Baynazarov were detained directly at the rally on Independence Square. They were released later on the same day. Correspondents of Izvestia told the details of how they were detained at a protest in the center of Minsk.

Mass protests have been taking place in Belarus since August 9. On that day, presidential elections were held. According to the Central Election Commission, Alexander Lukashenko won over 80% of the vote. Citizens who refused to recognize the official election results began to take to the streets. They faced opposition from security officials. There were casualties on both sides, and several civilians were killed.

MIC “Izvestia” sent a request for accreditation of journalists to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, but it was left unanswered.

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