Italy: “Johnny the Gypsy” escapes from prison for a fourth time

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Giuseppe Mastini, 60 years old, nicknamed “Johnny the Gypsy”, made the beauty for the fourth time in his long career as an Italian thug who terrorized Rome in the 80s, taking advantage as always of a leave of absence, has we learned Monday from a police source.

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Incarcerated in a high security prison in Sardinia since July 2017, he did not return to his cell on Saturday at midday after an outing.

While a search notice was launched across the country to find this life-sentenced prisoner, an Italian police union called for a change in exit rules, demanding the removal of exit permits for criminals who have already fled from jail.

Originally from the province of Bergamo (northern Italy), Giuseppe Mastini had settled with his family of fairground “Sinti” in Rome in the 70s, before perpetrating his first murder at the age of eleven, according to the ANSA agency.

His very first escape dates back to 1987, when he did not return to prison. During his two-year run, he then perpetrated numerous crimes: theft, the taking of a young girl hostage, the murder of a police officer, injuries inflicted on another. He was also cited in the investigation into the murder of director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

“Johnny the Gypsy” also escaped from the Fossano penitentiary (Cuneo region, northern Italy) in June 2017, using the same procedure. A permission granted in 2014 was also peppered with irregularities.

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