It will be possible to sail along the Danube on an ancient Roman ship

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As you know, the power of the Roman Empire extended to the territory of modern states located along the banks of the Danube. Then the river was the border of the empire and served as a transport highway, a whole complex of defensive structures was built along the banks and an active trade was conducted. The cultural heritage of Ancient Rome is still felt here.

The Living Danube Limes project is being implemented in the region. Its goal is to attract the interest of not only tourists, but also scientists to the ancient Roman heritage. The project involves two dozen universities from different countries.

The ship will be built as part of the project. Moreover, it is planned to do this exclusively using ancient technologies and using authentic instruments. The creation of the ship can be safely considered a world premiere, because the last time such river ships were built 1600 years ago.

The organizers of the project expect that from the second half of 2022 the ship will cruise along the Danube between the former ancient Roman settlements with a team of scientists on board, popmech reports.

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