It was decided to build up the industrial zone of Petrozavodsk at public hearings

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Most of the participants in the public hearings supported the concept of housing and socio-cultural development on the site of the former industrial zone, writes “Stolitsa na Onego”. The project of changes in the General plan of the Karelian capital, necessary for this construction, was submitted for discussion.

According to one of the developers of the concept, Dmitry Ivasko, the development is planned as part of the second stage of the international project “City by the Water”, on which the best architects of Petrozavodsk, Finnish specialists and builders from other European countries worked in 2011-13. The project provides for the elimination of industrial zones along the coastal area of ​​Lake Onega from the village of Solomennoye to the Sainavolok area. But so far we are talking about the development of the territory of the former DSK plant in the area of ​​the intersection of Solomenskoye Highway and Zavodskaya Street. At public hearings, 180 people voted for her, 25 against.

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