Isaac Morshtein, a participant in the 1945 Victory Parade in Leningrad, died

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Isaac Morshtein, a participant in the 1945 Victory Parade in Leningrad, died in St. Petersburg at the age of 94. On Thursday, December 17, the head of the culture department of the administration of the Frunzensky district of the city of Ada Glebovskaya announced this.

“We said goodbye to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Igor Mikhailovich Morshtein. Amazing, gallant, real man. Condolences to relatives. Eternal memory to the hero, ”she wrote on her page in the social network“ VKontakte ”.

Morshtein was born on June 17, 1927 in Ukrainian Poltava, and the next year his family moved to Leningrad. Was called up as a volunteer for the Red Army at the end of 1943. He took part in the Tallinn offensive operation, as well as in the blockade of the enemy’s Kurland grouping.

Morshtein was a participant in the Victory Parade in Leningrad on July 8, 1945. In 1954, after he was demobilized, he began to study at the North-West Correspondence Polytechnic Institute. He worked as the head of metallurgical production at the “Carburetor” plant. In addition, until 2011 he served as dean of the North-West Polytechnic Institute.

He has various awards, including the Order of the Patriotic War II degree and medals “For Courage”, “For the Defense of Leningrad”, “For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.”, “For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War. 1941-1945 ” and the Zhukov medal. He was also awarded all the jubilee medals for the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, the medal “In the name of Russia”, etc.

In July of this year, before the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day parade in Leningrad, Morshtein gave an interview to Izvestia, in which he told the history of the war – from the blockade years in Leningrad, the call to the front and until that very memorable day.

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