Is IGAnony Viewer Down? 5 Alternatives to IGAnony

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By Olivia Jack

IGAnony is a great anonymous Instagram viewer tool that allows you to watch stories, posts, and reels of any public Instagram account without signing in to your account. All you have to do is go on the website of IGAnony and search for the username of any public account and view their stories. And even though there are no reports of iganony being down, I’ll share 5 Alternatives to IGAnony so you can use them whenever iganony is not working.

5 Alternatives to IGAnony

Are you trying to use IGAnony anonymous viewer, but it isn’t working? Well, don’t worry, as I’ll tell you about the five alternatives to IGAnony that are the same or even better than IGAnony.

1. Picuki

Picuki is one of the most used anonymous Instagram viewers and the best alternative to IGAnony. Picuki IG is free to use and doesn’t require any sign-ins. You can view and download any story, post, or reel in any format. And the best part is, you can edit any picture too. You have the option of applying filters, adjusting brightness and clarity, and also adding text and borders as well. So, Picuki is basically a one-stop anonymous viewer for you.

Picuki: Alternatives to IGAnony

2. Inflact

Inflact Instagram is also one of the best alternatives to IGAnony as it is a marketing tool and an anonymous Instagram viewer. You can use Inflact to schedule posts, reply to clients and check the analytics of your account. And not just that, you can view and download stories, posts, and reels of any public account here as well. You can also generate hashtags for your posts to boost engagement on your account.

A great alternative to IGAnony called Inflact.

3. InstaNavigation

Suppose you are searching for an anonymous Instagram viewer where you can view and download any content you want while also getting deep analytics of the Instagram accounts. In that case, InstaNavigation is your best option. You can view and download stories, posts, and reels of any public account within seconds and access deep analytics of that account for free.

InstaNavigation: Alternatives to IGAnony

4. IGLookup

If you are looking for an anonymous viewer that allows you to view and access stories of private accounts, then IGLookup is the best option for you. No anonymous viewer allows you to access private accounts, so IGLookup is the only anonymous viewer to do that. You can view and download stories and posts of any private account, be it of your friend or colleague, without letting them know, so it’s a win-win. 

IGLookup: Alternatives to IGAnony

5. SmiHub

SmiHub is a competitor of IGAnony, and most of the time used by people when IGAnony is not working. The features of SmiHub are the same as those of IGAnony, but there’s one problem. SmiHub is very slow, and its performance as a website is very low. Not to forget, SmiHub is down most of the time, so it isn’t that reliable. But if it’s working, then you can view stories and posts easily.

SmiHub: Another alternative to IGAnony


Are you facing a problem using IGAnony, or is IGAnony down? If it isn’t working for you, we have a few alternatives to IGAnony. Picuki, Inflact, InstaNavigation, IGLookup, and SmiHub are some of the most used anonymous Instagram viewers. In one way or another, they are quite better than IGAnony, so if you don’t like using IGAnony or if it isn’t working, these are some of the best alternatives you can find on the internet.