Is Clarizen CRM Worth Buying or Not?

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By Madelyne

The growing technology industry demands different techniques and tools. It is important to know the purpose of using CRM software and understand its worth.

The same goes for Clarizen. After analyzing all the features, it is safe to say that, yes, it is worth investing in. 

However, if you are looking for something more robust, you can always go as per your requirements.

The Benefits of Using Clarizen

Why do more than 2,300 businesses select Clarizen? And what is Clarizen used for? The answer is that the program has a lot of great features, benefits, and advantages. 

Let’s check out  Clarizen functions:

It’s Easy To Do Work In The Office

The clean design of Clarizen makes this possible. All of the system’s features are shown on a single menu bar, and you can choose from six different views and several project themes. You can make notes and find them quickly. 

You can also bring in information from Microsoft Projects. Because it is easy to use, this project management software can be set up and put to use in just a few minutes without any time-consuming training or planning.

It Makes Working Together More Professional

With Clarizen project management, you can keep track of all your work in one place, including planned and unplanned tasks, work done with partners and peers, reports and papers, and your own unique processes. 

The program has an enterprise-grade platform that allows for teamwork with a purpose, flexible process automation, and project management across organizations. 

It cuts down on needless contact and gives everyone in the company a clear view of what’s going on. This helps your team work more quickly and get things done.

It Can Be Used Anywhere

One of the best things about Clarizen is that it works on mobile devices. Users can get to the system and the information it holds at any time and from any place. 

This makes it easier for project managers to connect team members who live in different places and work on different projects. 

The software’s permissions are divided into different rights, which is another big benefit. This way, you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive features you don’t need.

Updates And Integrations Happen On Their Own

Clarizen is also flexible when it comes to changes. All new versions and connections are instantly upgraded by the system. This means that you don’t have to stop working on projects just because your service puts out a new version. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about missing connectivity, which can put data protection at risk because the Clarizen user manual does it automatically for you and takes this off the shoulders of your IT team.  

Some More Of Clarizen’s Pros

You can also go through the following to the long list of Clarizen pros and cons:

  • Easy To Keep Track Of Time Sheets:

There is social contact, and all jobs and projects have built-in conversation boards. Great set of tools and apps that can be used to make the system even better. It has advanced reports and custom features.

  • Customer Service Is Good:

All users agree that Clairzen’s customer service is quick, helpful, and quick to reply to problems and fix them.

  • Adjustable: 

When asked how adjustable Clarizen is, 96% of users said it was very easy to set up to meet the needs of their business.

  • Amazing Features: 

The user design looks current and puts a focus on working together, like on social media. There are a lot of graphs and charts to choose from for reports. 62% of users say that Clarizen features such as time tracking, project management, progress tracking, change history, meeting notes works perfectly. .

  • Effective Collaboration: 

Nearly 81% of users say that Clarizen’s collaboration features, such as social teamwork and tagging coworkers on certain tasks, are effective.

  • Integration:

72% of users said that Clairzen integrations well with social media, CRM tools, Salesforce, Jira, and other apps.

Clarizen’s Downsides

Users have identified a few issues, but they are all rather minor and will be fixed in future updates. Users mostly talked about these things:


  • Slow Speed

Out of the users who talked about Clarizen’s performance, 81% said that it moves slowly and sometimes stops.

  • Difficult Learning Curve

About 50% of people said the learning curve for Clarizen is steep.

Pricing Structures

The following packages are available for purchase:


Final Verdict

Clarizen is a strong Project and Process Management (PPM) system that works well for businesses like building, IT services, and marketing. To choose the right option for your business, you need to put each factor in order of importance and evaluate your business needs in depth. 

Also, the company image of the seller and how easy it is to use, as well as training and support services given by the vendor or their application partner, will have a big impact on your final choice.