Iranian Supreme Leader Calls for Punishment of Scientist’s Murder

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It is necessary to find and punish the organizers and perpetrators of the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who headed the research center under the Iranian Ministry of Defense. This was stated by the spiritual leader and leader of the country Ali Khameni on Saturday, November 28.

“First, we need to find the perpetrators and organizers of the crime so that they can be punished. Secondly, it is necessary to continue the work of the deceased in the technical and scientific spheres in all areas in which he worked, “he wrote on his page in Twitter

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also announced Tehran’s intention to bring Fahrizadeh’s killers to justice, Mahr reports.

Rouhani noted that “once again the world has witnessed a terrorist attack” against a “leading Iranian scientist” who has dedicated his research activities “exclusively to combating COVID-19.”

Earlier, the adviser to the highest leader (rahbar) of Iran, Hossein Dehgan, promised that the authorities of the republic would avenge the death of the physicist.

The murder of Fakhrizadeh, head of the research and innovation organization of the Iranian Ministry of Defense, as a result of an assassination attempt, became known the day before. He was attacked in the city of Absard in Tehran province. The scientist was fatally injured in the explosion and shooting.

The head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Mohammad Javad Zarif, believes that Israel may be involved in the murder of the scientist. After the tragedy, the UN urged to avoid steps that could lead to an escalation of the conflict in the region.

In 2008, Fakhrizadeh came under US economic sanctions as the author of Iranian nuclear technology.

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