Investigators began to inspect the places of unauthorized actions in the capital of Belarus

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Investigators in Minsk started examining the places where unauthorized street actions took place, Sputnik Belarus writes.

“In the center of Minsk, an investigative and operational group is working, an inspection of the scene is underway,” the agency said in a statement. As noted, the investigators ask passers-by not to interfere with their work and disperse.

The presidential elections in Belarus took place on Sunday. Earlier, the head of the country’s CEC, Lidia Yermoshina, announced that the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won a victory in all regions that have already reported on the vote count.

In the evening, massive unauthorized protest actions began in several cities of Belarus. Demonstrators in the center of Minsk were building barricades from garbage cans. Police officers used tear gas, water cannons and flash-noise grenades against them, and drove the protesters out of the center of the capital. There are people injured.

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