Interpol sends team of experts to Beirut

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Interpol announced Friday that it would send a team of international experts specializing in the identification of victims to the site of the two deadly explosions in Beirut, at the request of the Lebanese authorities.

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Several days after the tragedy, which left more than 100 dead and thousands injured, many people are still missing, said in a statement the international organization for police cooperation based in Lyon, in central-eastern France. .

“The city, the country, and countless families, remain in shock”, notes its secretary general Jürgen Stock, quoted in the press release. “Interpol’s experience can provide valuable assistance to the country’s authorities and we will continue to provide all the necessary assistance to Lebanon,” he continues.

Interpol’s IRT (Incident Response Teams) experts are deployed in the field at the request of its member countries when natural disasters, accidents or attacks occur.

Last year, an IRT intervened in Nairobi after the deadly bombing in January against a hotel complex in the Kenyan capital and, in March, in Ethiopia, after the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight shortly after takeoff. from Addis Ababa.

In 1984, Interpol established the first guide for the identification of victims.

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