Ingraham: There’s no doubt Republicans are beginning to win again

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In her opening of “The Ingraham Angle” Monday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham laid out how the “radical” policy of Democrats is catching with them and highlighting the wins the GOP has been seeing.

INGRAHAM: The fact is, Democrats got way too cocky over the past year, and especially since Biden stumbled into the White House. I think they thought that beating Trump meant that they had a mandate to radically remake the U.S. That red states would suddenly bow down to the “Gloom Gang” and sign on to all manner of nonsense.  Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Iowa, Tennessee and many others, they’re leading the way now to a brighter, more hopeful future than the Democrat can ever offer.  Whether the issue is school curricula or girls sports, COVID mandates, or ballot integrity measures, taxes, they’re passing smart legislation, they’re running strong candidates, and in some cases when they need to they’re filing lawsuits, all with a confident, forward-looking posture.

There will be many difficulties ahead for our families, but there’s no doubt that Republicans are beginning to win again and it’s making Pelosi and Schumer very, very nervous.  They should never have bowed to the far left on things like border policy, climate change, race, or anything else for that matter. It’s all been a disaster for them, but as the curtain is slowly being pulled back on their plans, I expect they’re going to try desperately to market their radical plans as pragmatic and inclusive.  They are neither.  As red-state leaders are showing us, we don’t need to spend trillions in new spending to grow an economy, we just need to open up and get the government off our backs.   


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