“Infectious”: virologist assessed the danger of the British strain of coronavirus

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Virologist at the Institute. Gamalei Viktor Zuev assessed the danger of the British mutated strain of coronavirus, as well as the effectiveness of the created vaccines against infection.

Zuev told REN TV that a distinctive feature of the new COVID-19 strain was its infectivity, which turned out to be higher than the “classic coronavirus”. The doctor explained that if a person sick with a British virus sneezes, he will infect not three, but 12 people.

There are no other differences between the strains, the virologist said, and therefore vaccines will be effective against the mutated type too. Zuev urged everyone to maintain social distance, wear masks and get vaccinated to cope with the disease.

“It is necessary to strictly follow all those recommendations that are repeated to us every day: we must interrupt the possibility of transmission of the causative agent of this virus from person to person – observe the mask regime and the social interval that we know. And not to climb into large crowds of people, “- said the virologist.

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