Indian man returns home two days after his own funeral

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Ahmad Hassan, a resident of the Indian city of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, returned home two days after his family pronounced him dead and buried him. This was reported by the Times Now News portal.

On August 2, Hassan left home after a quarrel with his wife and disappeared. The family became worried and filed a report with the police about the missing person. On August 5, the police called relatives and invited them for identification.

Law enforcers found the body of a man who looked very much like Hassan. His brothers confirmed that it was indeed Ahmad, although the man’s wife, Nagma, stated that she had doubts.

However, on August 7, Hassan returned home. He saw his house closed, but his neighbors recognized him and called the police. At the station, the man said that after a quarrel with his wife he went to work at the plant, and after he was paid, he returned.

Nagma said she was very happy to see her husband alive. She also confirmed that the face of the victim discovered by the police was indeed very similar to that of her husband. Now law enforcement officers are trying to identify an unknown man who was buried instead of Hassan.

On July 15, it was reported that doctors at one of the hospitals in the city of Sucre in Colombia established the death of a 67-year-old patient of a medical facility and refused to accept the words of his relatives, who claimed otherwise.

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