In your opinion, are supermarkets more expensive at vacation spots?

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Prices in supermarkets would be higher in tourist places – G. Varela

The time to go on vacation has sounded, we load the car. Suitcases, beach items, children’s toys and… pasta, milk and cereal. Even today, many vacationers take food with them to their vacation spot. Afraid of not finding anything there? Unlikely, whatever the destination, it is always possible to find a supermarket a stone’s throw from tourist sites.

If some people prefer to take the essentials with them, it is because the supermarkets in the places most popular with holidaymakers have the reputation of being more expensive than their counterparts in the rest of France. This impression is sometimes relayed on social networks. Already, in 2012, the consumer association, UFC-Que Choisir, pointed to higher prices in coastal supermarkets. But what about today?

Do you think supermarkets are more expensive on vacation spots? Have you noticed for yourself that the average basket costs more in these areas? Do you take the essentials with you to avoid having to go shopping? Or, on the contrary, do you think it’s just a legend? Don’t you think the price difference is worth the hassle of traveling? tell us

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