In Yaroslavl, the search for the cat who escaped from the plane ended in vain

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Gray handsome Kuzya disappeared on August 16 in Tunoshna. The owners of the cat – students from St. Petersburg, took him home from summer holidays. But the employees of the air carrier flying from Tunoshna airport to the northern capital demanded that the cat from the cabin be moved into the luggage. The cat could not stand the stress of loneliness and unusual sounds on the plane, and fled, breaking down the carrier door.

The owner of the cat Lisa and her friend refused to fly without the cat. For 12 days they lived in Yaroslavl near Tunoshna and were looking for Kuzya. But the cat was never found. The students were forced to go to St. Petersburg to study. But they ask the residents of Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl region to take a closer look at the cats – suddenly Kuzya is still there.

The hostess’s phone number is 8-911-340-22-82.

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