In Yaroslavl, a schoolgirl scared a teacher with a grenade

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The teacher at school # 40 in the Krasnoperekopsky district of Yaroslavl was pretty scared and raised the alarm, alarming the entire school. The teacher told her colleagues and school officials that one of her students had brought a fragmentation grenade to the school and, moreover, threatened to detonate ammunition. By other methods, the student could not convince the teacher to give her the opportunity to correct low grades for work in a quarter. The conversation, according to the teacher, was in a raised voice. The disciple denies everything.

The leadership summoned experts in explosives technology, the educational institution was cordoned off, the students, teachers and staff were evacuated.

Specialists with specially trained dogs examined an object that visually resembled a fragmentation grenade. And they came to the conclusion that the object is a plastic toy that does not pose a danger. A schoolgirl brought a toy to school out of a prank. The school is in no hurry to make organizational conclusions.

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