In Yaroslavl, a girl who went to post ads disappeared

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Lydia Sergeevna Martyshenkova, 21, suddenly disappeared in Yaroslavl on April 9, 2021. The girl left the house of relatives in the center of Yaroslavl at about 6 pm and went to the Neftestroy area. There she intended to post advertisements for the sale of a private house near Yaroslavl.

At 19-45, Lydia received an SMS “Mom, I love you very much, but I can’t live with you anymore. I’m fine, don’t look for me. ” Since then, the girl’s phone has been turned off. The SIM card may have been ripped out of it.

The parents were immediately alarmed and called the police – the daughter had never done that. If she had personal motives for staying, she always personally called and warned her relatives.

Lydia and her family recently moved to Crimea. Works as a nurse. She returned to Yaroslavl to sell the house. That is why I posted ads.

The height of the missing person is 165 cm, her hair is dark blond, with highlights, her eyes are brown. The physique is slim. She was wearing a black sheepskin coat, gray suit, black sneakers. Columbia hat, green, Pink backpack.

The girl may faint.

If you know where Lydia may be or was after 6 pm on April 9, call 89066363856 or 89056329942.