In Yaroslavl, a fan won a court case against a hockey club

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A resident of Yaroslavl was able to sue compensation for the puck that flew into his forehead.

A year ago, the Yaroslavets went with his family to the Lokomotiv – Spartak match. At the 2000 Arena, during the game, a Spartak player made an awkward pass, during which the puck flew straight into the stands. Unfortunately, she hit the viewer’s forehead. The speeds in hockey are very high, the blows are strong. Washers fly faster than cars on the track. The sports equipment “knocked out” the fan. Yaroslavets lost consciousness.

Doctors recorded a head injury, concussion, rupture of the lower eyelid, eye injury.

The club did not consider it necessary to apologize, did not offer compensation for the treatment. A resident of Yaroslavl for several months could not get behind the wheel of a car, he did not immediately restore his vision. The club’s insurance company paid compensation for the treatment – just over 3,000 rubles.

Then the injured fan went to court.

The court found the hockey club guilty for not protecting the fan from such an emergency and ruled that now HC Lokomotiv must pay the injured spectator 60 thousand rubles.

Such incidents occur infrequently in games, but quite regularly. As a rule, courts in such cases take the side of the audience.

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