In Volzhsky, doctors performed a unique operation on a 70-year-old pensioner

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The Volgograd Regional Uronephrology Center continues to provide high-tech medical care. So, recently, doctors here performed a five-hour operation, during which two competing neoplasms were removed from a patient. We are talking about malignant tumors of the prostate and kidneys.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Dmitry Perlin, who works as the chief freelance transplantologist in the Volgograd region, as well as the chief physician of the center, said that such a “double” pathology is very rare. It was he who was the main operating surgeon in this unique operation, writes Volgogradskaya

Photo: Publishing House “Volgogradskaya” / Gennady Gulyaev

Doctors saved the life and health of the 70-year-old Volzhan. This was facilitated by the detection of the disease at an early stage, as well as modern technologies in the field of medicine.

Treatment of such a complex pathology has no standards. Both tumors were a threat to the pensioner’s life, so it was decided to remove them immediately. During the operation, the tumors were removed gradually, only the position of the doctors and the surgical table changed. The operation lasted four to five hours. Currently, the elderly patient feels well, he is under medical supervision.

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