In Volgograd, the head of the Dzerzhinsky district court was detained for a bribe

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Julia Dobrynina was caught red-handed while receiving money.

The bribe, according to one of the versions, was intended for the freedom of the Volgograd businessman Vladimir Zubkov, who was arrested in the past.

The FSB operatives took the chairman of the Dzerzhinsky district court Dobrynina at the time of receiving 2.5 million rubles, which the wife of the arrested Volgograd businessman Vladimir Zubkov gave her.

As reported by the telegram channel “Podyom”, Dobrynina allegedly promised to assist in the release of her husband Zubkova through a person from the court department.

Recall that Vladimir Zubkov was arrested in connection with the arson of the house of Governor Andrei Bocharov. Dobrynin, the judge asked for 20 million rubles for her services. Received. Then she asked for another 5 million rubles. During the transfer of half of this amount, the judge was detained. She was detained red-handed in the Fasol restaurant, she threw a tantrum and demanded to be left alone, as she is a judge.

There is also a version that the subject of interests of Zubkov’s wife could be a restaurant complex in the Sosnovy Bor complex. According to the telegram channel “OPER Slil”, Zubkova is the manager of the restaurant business, and problems in the operation of the hotel and restaurant complex began last year, after the arrest of the head of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the region, Mikhail Muzraev, and the founder of Sosnovy Bor, Vladimir Zubkov.

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