In Utah, animals enjoy the highway crossing

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According to the Utah Department of Wildlife Conservation, many animals that used to be at risk of collisions when crossing the highway to their habitat, now use a safer method – overhanging the six-lane interstate 80.

The $ 5 million project was completed in 2018 and is Utah’s first wildlife crossing. A video posted on the department’s website shows how elks, lynxes, bears and porcupines pass along the passage, covered with gravel, boulders and logs. Before the crossing was built, dozens of large animals were killed every year by cars on this stretch of the highway.

Similar projects to protect wildlife have been successfully carried out in other states in the country, including Colorado and Montana. The world’s largest wildlife crossing, 200 feet long, is due to enter service next year. It will be built over 10 lane Highway 101 in Southern California.

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