In Ukraine, the situation with Motor Sich was called “a matter of life and death”

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It is better to pay $ 2 billion than to lose the company altogether, the Ukrainian edition wrote.

For Kiev, the situation with the Motor Sich plant has become a “question of life and death”. This opinion was expressed in his article by one of the authors of the Ukrainian magazine “Glavred” on Monday, March 15

The National Security and Defense Council of the country made the right decision to nationalize the plant, the article says. According to the author, such a “strategically important enterprise” should belong to the state. They are of key importance for the defense capability of Ukraine.

“Choosing between undermining Ukraine’s defense capability and paying compensation, the decision is obvious: it’s better to pay $ 2 billion than to lose the company altogether,” the article says. The author points out that the PRC “was unable to create a workable engine for aircraft.” This, according to “Glavred”, indicates a high level of production in Ukraine. At the same time, the article does not deny that the decision on Motor Sich was dictated by “the wishes of the United States.” It’s just that the interests of Kiev and Washington coincided, the analyst points out.

The Motor Sich plant, located in Zaporozhye, is one of the largest enterprises for the production of aircraft engines that have survived since the times of the former Soviet Union, and now, probably, the only one on the territory of the disintegrated state capable of independently creating (designing and producing) a new such power plant.

The United States fears that Chinese military-affiliated Beijing Skyrizon gaining access to Motor Sich will allow Beijing to seize key defense technology that has eluded it for decades in one of the few remaining areas where NATO maintains a competitive edge. As the American edition of Breaking Defense previously wrote, Motor Sich’s technologies may allow the People’s Republic of China to create its own engine for its 5th generation fighters, which are currently equipped with Russian-made products or receive nationally developed engines that do not meet the required parameters.

According to a number of Ukrainian experts, the nationalization of the Motor Sich enterprise by Ukraine will have a negative impact on the investment climate in the country and will cause a sharp reaction from China. The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) made a decision to return to the state ownership of the Motor Sich aircraft building enterprise, among the shareholders of which is the Chinese Beijing Skyrizon. According to NSDC Secretary Alexei Danilov, the decision to nationalize the company will be finalized in the near future, it will be legal and not contrary to the constitution.