In the Yasnogorsk region, the project of the PZZ was discussed

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On July 29, in the Yasnogorsk district, public hearings were held on the draft amendments to the Land Use and Development Rules (LZZ) of the Ivankovskoye municipal district. The document has not been accepted for two years.

Public activist, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Policy and Development of Local Self-Government in the Tula Region Vladislav Plotnikov made comments and questions on the project at the hearing.

The public activist noted several violations and made proposals for the draft PZZ, namely:

  1. The functional area CX-2 has a wrong name in the document. According to the order of the Ministry of Economic Development, such a zone should have the name “zone of horticultural and vegetable gardening non-profit partnerships”. The description of the territorial zones is incorrect.
  2. In the Ivankovskoe municipal district, there are buildings in settlements that were built before the adoption of the rules for land use and development. The limiting parameters of these buildings do not correspond to the town planning regulations. For example, a capital structure is located at a distance of less than 5 meters from the fence or border of the land plot. In this circumstance, in accordance with paragraph 9 of Art. 20 PZZ, the reconstruction of these objects can be carried out only by bringing such objects in accordance with the town planning regulations. This requirement creates great difficulties for the owners. Plotnikov proposed to inform the population on the official website of the administration about the procedure for resolving such issues at the lowest cost for residents.
  3. 220 hectares of land are being transferred from the functional zone CX-1 to the production zone of agricultural enterprises CX-3, where construction is permitted. At the same time, according to Plotnikov, there is no information about the owner of the site in the Unified State Register of Real Estate. The public figure also noted that the administration does not have an investment project for the development of these lands or a use plan.

“Land plots of farmland have become an object of trade. People bought them up, they are waiting for them to grow, they will forget about all this, in the end, someone will translate it all and then everything can be sold at a higher price, ”concluded Vladislav Plotnikov.

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