In the winter, homeless people entered private houses one and a half times more often

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Due to the prolonged cold weather this year, homeless people sought an overnight stay in private houses in Russia one and a half times more often than in 2020. This data was provided on March 20 by Delta Security Systems.

“In the first two months of the year, the number of calls of rapid response teams to private households using the panic button increased by almost 40% compared to the same period last year, with an overall increase in the number of calls by 17%,” RIA Novosti quotes the company.

It is noted that in total, the employees analyzed about 70 thousand alarm calls, after which it was concluded that the number of encroachments on private property had increased markedly.

Director of “Delta Security Systems” Andrey Tsybakov stressed that usually in late autumn and spring there is the largest number of cases when homeless people enter private territory. However, in 2021, the peak was in winter.

“This anomaly can most likely be explained by the prolonged cold weather, which forces the homeless to commit crimes, including trying to warm up, find a place to sleep or some valuables. This is confirmed by the reports of the rapid response teams, ”added Tsybakov.

It is also noted that cases of penetration by strangers into apartments have also become more frequent. In January and February 2021, the number of such incidents increased by one third compared to the same period last year.

Earlier, in February 2021, it became known that the homeless of St. Petersburg will be vaccinated against the coronavirus. The vaccine will be given to residents of a rehabilitation shelter on Borovaya. Vaccination was made possible thanks to the assistance of the city’s health committee.