In the Vladimir region, work continues to improve the quality of the urban environment

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Recently, Acting Deputy Governor of the Vladimir Region Roman Godunin held a working meeting on the implementation in the region of the federal project “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment” of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”. In addition to the improvement of courtyards and public areas, the meeting participants discussed the quality index of the urban environment.

The urban environment quality index covers all spheres of life and is formed on the basis of an assessment of 6 types of urban spaces (housing, public and business infrastructure, street and road network, green spaces, etc.) in accordance with 6 criteria for the quality of the urban environment (safety, comfort, environmental friendliness and health, management efficiency, etc.).

So, following the results of the implementation of the federal project in the Vladimir region in 2019, the urban environment quality index for the region was 177 points. This is a satisfactory indicator.

It is expected that by the end of this year, the urban environment quality index for each municipality will increase by more than 2%, in connection with which the region will be able to achieve an indicator of 182 points.

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