In the UK, the owners found the missing cat after 12 years

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The British family found the missing cat 12 years after its disappearance, writes The Guardian.

The cat disappeared in 2008 during a family vacation on the shores of a lake in Scotland. It was found thanks to a microchip that gave a signal to the owners of the animal.

All these years, the cat lived in the Queen Elizabeth Reserve in Scotland, and her former family – in the British county of Greater Manchester.

All vacationers loved the animal and took care of it. However, at the beginning of the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the employees took the cat to a homeless animal care center. After that, experts found the chip and contacted the owners of the cat.

They were four hours away by car. It is noteworthy that the family decided not to take the cat from the shelter, as they believed that the cat would not get along with another pet.

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