In the Tver region, the search engines found the remains of 82 Red Army soldiers

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During the first days of the International Search Expedition RVIO “Rzhev. Kalinin Front ”, the search engines found 82 Red Army soldiers and nine personal medallions. This was reported on the RVIO website.

So, in the area of ​​Medvedkovo, the remains of 35 soldiers were raised, and three medallions were also found. One of them is severely damaged, while the others have notes, which gives hope that they will be read. And in the village of Tolstikovo, the search engines raised the remains of 18 more soldiers to the surface. The squad leader suggests that there may be more soldiers in the vicinity of the trench.

A total of nine medallions were found, five of which were read. Some of the names have already been established, and the search for relatives of the soldiers has begun.

Matveev Batyrsha Matveevich, born in 1905 Date and place of conscription: 09/13/1941 Kushnarenkovsky RVK, Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Kushnarenkovsky district, private;

Ruchyov Ivan Afanasyevich, born in 1901, date and place of conscription: Kamyshlovsky RVK, Kamyshlovsky district, Sverdlovsk region;

Savchenkov Fyodor Fyodor

Alferov Yakov Ivanovich, born in 1901, was drafted by the Ufa GVK of the Bashkir ASSR;

Saberianov Anvar Saberianovich, born in 1918, Belebeevsky district, Tuzlukushevsky village council, Tuzlukush village, Bashkir ASSR.

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