In the Tula region, the death rate in June exceeded last year by 56%

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Kommersant published a comparative analysis of the mortality rate in Russian regions. The detailed material of the publication is based on the opinion of a number of doctors who consider the official statistics of mortality from coronavirus to be incorrect.

To more accurately represent how many people die from COVID-19, the publication compared the mortality rate published by statistics and regional registry offices last and this year.

“May mortality in Russia was higher than in each of the last eleven years (2009–2019). If we compare the indicators with the average mortality rate in the regions over the five-year period, the increase was recorded in 46 regions, “Kommersant reports. Moreover, as the newspaper notes, a number of regions stopped publishing mortality statistics at all.

In May, the Tula region entered the 20 regions with the largest increase in mortality, 2430 people died in the region in May, this is 119.2% in relation to 2019.

According to data for June 2019 and June 2020, mortality this year in the Tula region increased by 56.3% over the month. According to these data, the Tula region entered the three regions with the largest increase in mortality in June, yielding only to Ingushetia and the Kamchatka Territory, and will leave St. Petersburg and Moscow behind.

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