In the Smolensk region, young people make up 16 percent of the population

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On August 12, many countries around the world celebrate International Youth Day. In the Russian Federation, the term “youth” means the population between the ages of 14 and 30. On August 12, Smolenskstat reports how many young people are in the Smolensk region, what is the level of education in this age group, the marital status of young people, and their employment.

So, according to Smolenskstat, at the beginning of 2020, there were 149,986 people in the region aged 14-29 years. This is 16% of the region’s population. According to the 2019 sample labor force survey among young people aged 15-29 who are part of the labor force, 92.8% were employed in the regional economy.

The share of employed urban youth was 74.2% of the total employed population. The number of employed urban residents is 2.9 times higher than the share of employed rural residents.

Among employed persons aged 15-29, 34% had higher education, 47.2% – secondary vocational, 12.7% – secondary general, 5.8% – basic general, 0.3% – had no education at all.

In 2019, men aged 20-29 years (44.9% of the total number of marriages), women aged 20-29 (48.2% of the total number of marriages) were the most active in the region to enter into marriage unions. Last year, 3.5 thousand newborns or 49.4% of the total number of births were born to women in the Smolensk region aged 14-29 years. 2.7 thousand children (38.4% of the total number of births) were born to mothers aged 14-29, who are in a registered marriage.

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