In the Smolensk region, travel has become cheaper, and education has risen in price

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Since the beginning of the year, prices for non-food products in the Smolensk region have increased by three percent. Over the past month – by 0.6%. As reported in Smolenskstat, in September prices for clothing increased by 0.5%; bed linen became more expensive by 0.7%. Prices for tobacco products, school supplies and stationery rose 0.9%.

Towels have risen in price by one percent. Passenger cars – by 1.1%. Glassware increased in price by 1.2%. Medicines, building materials and jewelry – by 1.6%; furniture – by 1.8%, hosiery – by 2.7%, detergents – by 3.2%.

But dry pet food became cheaper by 1.2%; perfumery and cosmetic products – by 1.5%; cameras – by 3.2%.

In the service sector, housing repairs became more expensive by 0.5%. Fares for long-distance trains decreased by 13.5%. The annual cost of the CASCO policy has grown by 2%, the CTP policy – by 2.6%.

Additional lessons for preschool children rose in price by 1.3%. Education services became more expensive by an average of 1.9%, including secondary education services – by 1.7%, higher education – by 2.1%.

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