In the sky over Japan recorded the fall of a luminous ball

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The fall of an unknown celestial body was recorded in a number of places in Tokyo and other prefectures of the Kanto region, The Japan News reported on August 22.

The fall of the fireball was noticed at about 22:30 (16:30 Moscow time) on Friday, August 21, in the sky over Kanto prefecture. A bright glowing ball crossed the sky from right to left and went out above the earth’s surface. Residents recorded the movement of a celestial body by posting a video on social networks.

Daichi Fuji, curator of the Hiratsuka City Astronomical Museum in Kanagawa Prefecture, took the pictures with a camera at his home in Hiratsuke. According to him, a luminous white sphere was moving across the Southern sky.

After analyzing the flight path of the car, Fuji suggested that it could fall into the Pacific Ocean or the Boso Peninsula in the east of Honshu Island.

The same celestial body was seen earlier, on July 2, over Kanto, and a fragment of it was found in Chiba Prefecture.

Earlier, on August 19, NASA recorded two atmospheric phenomena in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Two of the brightest phenomena converged in the sky – the northern lights and the glow of the sky.

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