In the Russian Federation proposed to introduce criminal liability for trash streams on the network

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Director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Politics Anton Orlov proposed to introduce criminal punishment for broadcasting streams demonstrating violence on the network. A copy of the letter addressed to the chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko was at the disposal of RT.

According to the author of the initiative, now there is no article providing for criminal liability for the broadcast of thrash streams, although there are several articles in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation that are indirectly related to this topic. For example, there are Art. 115 (“Intentional infliction of minor harm to health”) and 116 (“Beating”), in which there is no detail on the commission of these crimes in public using the Internet.

However, there is part 2 of Art. 282 of the Criminal Code, which provides for punishment for humiliation of human dignity with the use of violence or the threat of its use, including using the Internet. This rule can be applied only when the crime is committed from xenophobic motives, which include the actions of persons releasing trash streams.

“In this regard, I ask you to consider the issue of introducing into Art. 282 of the Criminal Code of Russia of the new, third part: “The humiliation of human dignity with the use of violence or the threat of its use, committed publicly using the Internet for hooligan motives,” with the transfer to the new part of the punishment already provided for in part 2 of this article, ” handling.

Now part 2 of Art. 282 of the Criminal Code of Russia provides for punishment in the form of a fine in the amount of 300 thousand to 600 thousand rubles or in the amount of the wage or other income of the convicted person for a period of two to three years, or forced labor for a term of two to five years with the deprivation of the right to borrow certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years, or imprisonment for a period of three to six years.

On the eve of December 16, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, Alexei Pushkov, proposed to legislatively prohibit broadcasts on the Internet, during which violence against people is demonstrated. He recalled the criminal case initiated after the death of the girl during the stream of blogger Stas Reshetnyak (Reeflay).

The girl died during an online broadcast of Reshetnyak on December 2. The blogger discovered the body of his girlfriend during a live broadcast, but did not interrupt the broadcast. He moved the girl’s body to the room where he was streaming, and then tried to revive her.

On December 4, the Ramenskiy Court of the Moscow Region arrested Reshetnyak until February 3, 2021, a lawyer appealed against this decision.

The 30-year-old blogger was charged with intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, resulting in death (part 4 of article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

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