In the program “Voice” on Channel 1, they raised money for Angelina from Vyazma from Smolyanka

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On December 18, on the First Federal TV Channel, before the stage of selecting the finalists for the “Voice” project, viewers saw Angelina from Vyazma from Smolyanka. She was among those to whom the income of Channel 1 and other partners will be sent to help through the Zhivoi foundation.

More than two years ago, a young woman, the mother of a young son, was found dying on the M-1 highway. Her mother Oksana believed that she would survive, and also the doctors in Vyazma, Smolensk and Moscow, where the “angel” girl from Vyazma was re-mastering the complex science of living.

“MK in Smolensk” talked about this tragedy, having visited Angelina. Read her story, she will not leave you indifferent. And we are happy that the viewers of the country’s main musical project, who voted for the finalists, may, without knowing it, also voted for Angelina to stop being afraid to stand up and get the opportunity to hug her son on her own. And on December 18 on the 1st Angelina looks like this.

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