In Switzerland, a woman with a knife attacked visitors to a department store

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In the Swiss city of Lugano, an attack was made on two visitors to one of the local department stores. This was announced on Tuesday, November 24, by The Local.

As told in the police of the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland Ticino, the attack was carried out by a 28-year-old Swiss. She tried to strangle one of the women, and stabbed the other in the throat.

Other visitors to the department store managed to neutralize the attacker and hold her until the police arrived. The victims received non-life-threatening injuries and injuries.

Law enforcement officials consider the attack “terrorist motivated”. A criminal case was initiated. The reasons for the attack are being established.

On November 2, a shooting attack occurred in six districts of Vienna, including a synagogue in the city center. Five people died, 22 were injured. The city authorities later reported that one of the victims had died in hospital. The terrorist group Islamic State (IS), banned in Russia, claimed responsibility for the incident, specifying that one person acted in all six locations.

After the terrorist attack in Vienna, the official representative of the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service, Isabelle Graber, said that the terrorist threat in the country remains high, but the country’s intelligence does not have information about the impending attacks.

According to her, intelligence notes that in the short term, isolated acts of violence by some radical or mentally unbalanced individuals may be committed in the country. A reaction from aggressive right-wing extremists to members or symbols of the Muslim communities present in Switzerland is also possible.

Also, the country’s intelligence believed that at that time the most likely threat in Switzerland were attacks that require little organizational and material-technical resources or are carried out by individual violators or small groups.

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