In St. Petersburg, 142 children from surrogate mothers were transferred to parents

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Biological parents – citizens of foreign countries – managed to pick up 142 children who were born in St. Petersburg from surrogate mothers, but could not leave the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is stated in a message published on December 21 on the website of the St. Petersburg children’s ombudsman.

It is noted that the children’s ombudsman Anna Mityanina took control of the situation with children stranded in the city. As of August 2020, there were over 150 of these babies in the city. In this regard, she turned to the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov.

“As a result of all the measures taken, 142 children have been sent home with their parents so far. At present, there are still about 50 children in St. Petersburg, 26 of them are in the Children’s Home with full state support, “the statement says.

Earlier, on December 2, Izvestia reported that the Public Chamber had prepared a draft resolution on the regulation of surrogacy in Russia. Among the proposals are a ban on participation in surrogate motherhood programs for foreign citizens, a ban on its advertising, a refusal to implement surrogacy on a commercial basis, the right to use the program only by married couples and, accordingly, a ban on participation in it for single Russian citizens.

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