In Spain, the plane landed due to the refusal of a Ukrainian to put on a mask

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An Air Europa plane en route from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands) to Madrid, made an emergency landing in Malaga because of a Ukrainian citizen who refused to wear a protective mask on board. This was reported on August 7 by the EFE agency.

The report says that due to the passenger’s refusal to put on a mask on board the aircraft, the captain of the aircraft decided to make an emergency landing at Malaga airport.

It is also reported that he may have been intoxicated.

After the incident, the aircraft continued its flight to the Spanish capital.

On July 31, it was reported that Spanish scientists had begun developing an oral spray that, when sprayed, could stop the spread of the coronavirus. Using a spray neutralizes viral particles, even if infection has already occurred. As a result, the spread of infection to the lung area will be suppressed.

Since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus in Spain, almost 354,530 cases of infection have been identified, 28.5 thousand patients have died. In mid-March, a high alert regime was introduced in the country. This measure allowed the authorities to restrict the movement of residents throughout the country. The regime ended on June 21.

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