In Spain, a surfer arrested for not respecting her quarantine

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A Spanish woman who went surfing when she should have been in quarantine after a positive result for the coronavirus was arrested on a beach in San Sebastián (North), according to police and images of her arrest broadcast on Twitter.

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In this video, which has gone viral in Spain and uploaded on Monday by a person on this beach, the surfer can be seen staying in the water for a while despite calls from several Basque regional police officers telling her to get out of the water. ‘water.

In Spain, a surfer arrested for not respecting her quarantine

“We received a report telling us that this person was positive, that she was on sick leave and that she had still gone surfing”, instead of staying at home in quarantine, a door told AFP on Wednesday. -police speech.

According to the author of the video, this surfer is usually a lifeguard on the beach of La Concha, the most famous of this town in the Basque Country.

In the video, we see her visibly upset, pushing away a masked officer with a baton. Finally, two police officers dressed in a full protective suit take her out of the beach under the dumbfounded gaze of the bathers.

It was “immediately” made available to justice, said the spokesperson for the police.

Spain was the first country in Western Europe this week to officially surpass the 500,000 COVID-19 case mark.

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