In Saratov, transport drivers and passengers wear protective masks in their pockets

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The Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Saratov Region on the government website under the heading “Passengers began to observe the mask regime more often” painted a sad picture.

Yesterday, representatives of the Ministry of Transport and the Directorate of Transport and Roads conducted another raid on observance of the mask regime at the busy transport stop “Central Kolkhoz Market (“ Sennoy ”), where many suburban and city routes intersect.

The Commission reports: “Most of the drivers had masks with them, but they did not cover their faces. Protective equipment was put on correctly only at the sight of the camera and the inspectors. A similar situation was observed among passengers: many had masks with them in their pockets and bags, but they put on protective equipment only at the request of the inspectors. “

The head of the transport department of the ministry, Pyotr Pestichev, described the state of affairs as follows: “A large number of passengers who do not observe the mask regime. Today we have been working on prevention. Judging by the previous raids, the situation is changing for the better, but still leaves much to be desired. “

During the raid, inspectors were looking for disinfectants and information materials on the prevention of coronavirus in minibuses and buses. When a violation was detected, the license plate of the vehicle and the route were recorded. The commission will send these acts to the Saratov administration to instruct carriers to work with the driver’s staff.

Recall that in the Saratov region, the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing every day. Over the past day, 149 of them were officially identified. Governor Valery Radaev on Friday announced his recovery from the coronavirus. On the same day, Minister of Health Oleg Kostin left for sick leave with covid.

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