In Rybinsk, recruits and draft evaders were counted

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The military registration and enlistment offices of Rybinsk counted their conscripts and found the draft evaders.

As a result of the spring conscription, a third of young people of draft age went to the army. 433 young people passed the medical examination, 300 of them were recognized as fit for military service. 154 conscripts went to serve in various regions of Russia. The rest received a reprieve as students, or exemption from service as not very healthy citizens.

32 young people are recognized as deviators, they are hiding. And 110 are on the wanted list – the military registration and enlistment offices cannot figure out where they are. They do not live at the place of registration.

As for the three, the Investigative Committee is conducting a check, which may lead to a criminal case – these young people are already very maliciously “mowing” from the army.

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